The New Guy

The New Guy
by Amanda Christine Shelton
8x8" gouache over ink/acrylic, on paper, mounted on wood

"The New Guy" is based on all the random objects I've been finding on my walks in the woods, like marbles and balls of yarn and the like, and the actual sock doll someone made me in an exchange. He is a little different than the actual doll...longer arms and plain stitching for a mouth.  The mushrooms are based on rare mushrooms we have found on walks too...
an "old man of the woods" mushroom, found last month in Edmond, OK
we blog about our mushroom/nature adventures on occasion over at ThysWyldeLyfe

The painting is 8x8" gouache over ink/acrylic, on paper, mounted on a cradled birch panel, and varnished with a clear glossy acrylic varnish that makes it water resistant.

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