Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art Events and News In October

Hi bloggy readers. Writing to you as I try not to drown in a pumpkin spice cookie sugar shock and bright orange mums. Isn't fall great?

...Here are the October art events for Amanda Christine Art.

Rose Red of the Dead and a small Black Widow Painting up for grabs in X Marks the Art tonight!

Tonight I will have a few ooky-spooky art pieces up for grabs in X Marks the Art - the monthly art treasure hunt happening around Oklahoma City! Follow the clues as they are posted and when you find the red "X" you win a stash of art and gifts from local artistisans!

To get involved and play along follow them on 
Facebook and Twitter. 

If you have been following my sketches from the Tulsa Ballet, I have made some art based on these and one of the paintings is now on display through the month of October at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, along with 30+ artists who were involved in the sketch collaboration. There are even abstract and 3D explorations of the dancers in motion in this exhibit.

Rehearsal in Red
by Amanda Christine Shelton
acrylic on masonite panel(framed), 11x14 inches

The pieces created for the Ballet will be on display at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center at 110 E 2nd St in Downtown Tulsa through November 2nd. All artwork is for sale and a portion of proceeds will go to arts & education programming at Tulsa Ballet. For sales information contact Jessica at

That's all for October... I have more events coming soon in November in Medicine Park and Shawnee and they are in the sidebar... be sure to follow the blog or find me on social media for details and updates! Also I should add I am taking holiday commissions (orders for large pieces and oil paintings need to be made early that's why they get announced early!) and will be posting more about this soon.

Thanks everyone and have a good week!

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

From the Sketchbook- Rehearsal Sit-in at the Tulsa Ballet

This week the Tulsa Ballet allowed local Oklahoma artists to sit in on and be inspired by rehearsals and sketch the dancers.  Dancers are wonderful models for sketching, as they have athletic bodies and fluidity of movement. Some of the moves and positions are so inspiring and wonderful for image composition as well.  Selections of the art created from artist sketches will be displayed in Tulsa during the month of October.

The sketches progress from quick gestures to more detailed...

To follow more sketch pieces like this: @sheltonamandachristine on Instagram

Friday, September 19, 2014

Recently Completed Art- "Symbionts"

by Amanda Christine Shelton
16x20 inches oil on stretched canvas
Before we moved I started painting a lady of the forest who had a harmonious relationship with several variety of fungi... to the extent she had them growing on her... After getting moved into our new house I was able to drag out my oil paints and get some pieces finished including the mushroom lady.

"Symbionts" is currently available. inquire by email or contact form on my website.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fair Season.

It's Fair season!

Here are some photos from the very first day of the Great State Fair of Oklahoma!

Last year we went by this small tent that was set up by an Italian circus and we caught their first performance of the fair (since we went on the first day) and it was lots of fun :) They don't use large or exotic animals like some other circuses (just a couple of horses and a few cute doggies) and it's more of a clown/juggling/acrobat centered performance... it also did not cost anything additional on top of regular fair admission.


I keep my photographs on a separate section of my website at  


you can follow my Facebook page- AC Shelton Photography -for daily photo posts which inform and inspire my paintings. 

To learn more about the circus we saw: ZoppĂ© Italian Family Circus - - if you are visiting the Oklahoma State Fair, you can find them on the map and the schedule for daytime and early evening shows.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Newest Gouache- "Rose Red of the Dead"

Do you ever notice that, despite many many MANY re-imaginings of fairy tales, you will often see Snow White included, but rarely Rose Red?

One of the few modern day remixes of classic fairy tales I can think of where she is a major character would be Fables (thank you, graphic novel world!) In fact, the stories of Snow-White and Rose-Red and the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are two completely different tales (despite each having a 'Snow White'), even though they both made Grimms' and other story editions, and their names are only distinguished by the hyphen in the spellings.

But anyway... I used to have a copy of Snow White and Rose Red in children's book form and I enjoyed it a little more than Snow White (although I have made art about her too!), as the story of the sisters involved them actually doing the rescuing of others.

Rose Red of the Dead
by Amanda Shelton
inquire by email or visit my website

I titled this little gouache after Rose Red, simply because there need to be more Rose Reds in the world.  It is embellished with gold acrylic and the black is flat on the paper absorbing the light in a velvety smoothness... one of my favorite things about gouache is the opacity.

Are you a fan of all things Day of the Dead ??
I am too! I am running a portrait special from now until Halloween with portraits starting at $50 and 6 in. square (on the good deep gallery edge canvas!) working from your photos*

use the contact page on my website to get started! 
*still subject to my regular commission terms.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Art Events

Hi everyone!

Here are some art events that I will be doing and continuing in September!!

First off, I am pleased to announce that the Oklahoma at the Movies exhibit at the 
Oklahoma History Center has been *EXTENDED* until the end of the year! Hooray!  This is a great exhibit paying homage to so many Oklahomans involved in cinema both on-screen and behind the scenes, and I have been so happy and honored to have contributed murals to it... my absolute favorite mural to do was the Alice in Wonderland mural inspired by the Disney concept artist Mary Blair (1911-1978), a native of McAlester, OK. She began working for Disney animation studios in 1940, and has dispelled a myth of no women ever working in animation during that time... she is both an inspiring and empowering figure as so many early animated films are based on her concept pieces.

Below is a detail shot of the Alice in Wonderland mural I did inspired by Mary Blair...

Garden of Talking Flowers detail in the Alice in Wonderland area of the exhibit... 
This entire exhibit should run until the end of the year, but as many artifacts and costumes and awards were on loan to the museum and OKPOP, some pieces will expectedly rotate and move... the mural photos are also before some audio/visual interactive components have been added...
 the sooner you visit the more you are likely to see! :) 

"Her Dilemma" signed art prints by Amanda Shelton -
you can win one of these in X Marks the Art #3
On the 2nd Thursday (Sept 11 as it falls this month) there will also be another X Marks the Art event... I did this in August at the Project Box in the Paseo Arts District and it was lots of fun, and for this next one you will be able to win one of my prints!! 
What is 'X Marks the Art' ???  Just check out their page to find out!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Studio Break, or, How I Broke My Foot.

Greetings and Salutations! Hope everyone had a good Labor Day holiday or at the very least an enjoyable weekend.

Last week we took a small stay-cation and visited a few spots around the great state of Oklahoma to refresh and relax.

Of course we had to visit Eischen's, a bar in Okarche that is well known for its fried chicken and okra... (this place has been around since before statehood and isn't even an hour away in driving distance, but the hubby and I had never even been!)

Established in 1896
eventually I will add to the glowing reviews on Yelp with this... :) 

But the highlight of the week was going to Turner Falls for some much needed get away from the city... in the middle of the week, it was pretty much deserted and we brought a cooler of drinks and I brought some sketching stuff....
Turner Falls is near Davis, Oklahoma... this is a neat little town! 

the falls and pools and hiking and all other nature goodness located amid the Arbuckle Mountains...

Now all was going great when we were swimming... there are these beautiful natural pools around where the water is clear and clean... and you can swim in the larger one with the 77 ft waterfall... and that's where, when I entered the water I slipped on the rocks and smacked my left foot on one! 


But my wonderful hubby put my foot on ice, grabbed me a beer, and I started sketching! (we had lots of day left after all) More on the foot in a sec... 

conte crayon on toned paper... of the pool area where i won't forget to be more careful on those rocks next time... ;) 

One of the other interesting things down there is the castle that is just existing in the park. By the later part of the day we were hobbling back to the car, and I really did NOT feel like walking up to check it out (lol), but I managed to grab a few shots of it with my phone. 

As far as my foot.... I fractured my 5th metatarsal and also tore some ligaments in my ankle with a really bad sprain.  I received a fun tetanus shot, an air boot, and crutches, but was told just yesterday I should be able to stick mostly to the boot for the next 6 weeks for healing (hooray!)... 

I have had some people concerned for me, but when I was a kid I sprained my ankles often, usually from dancing around or having too much fun... To be honest, even with lots of big things happening, it's been awhile since we've had a chance to just get in the car and have fun away from home for a day or two, and this just reminded me I was having enough fun to actually involve risk.... and for me, a little risk is a good thing. I was reminded me how long it's been since I have even been out on a nice long nature walk because it's been so hot lately... or have gone on a self-induced adventure for artistic purposes.. because our state has many places to explore. I need to up my risk factor more often :)