Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Up Next in March: Artini in Wonderland!

Fairy tales and stories from my childhood, particularly Alice in Wonderland, have been a major influencer of my work. So of course when I learned the theme of this years Allied Arts OKC "Artini" event was Artini in Wonderland I was hoping I would be able to contribute a piece to the art auction!

A little info about Allied Arts-- they are an organization that helps fund art groups in Oklahoma, and not just the ones like OVAC which help us visual artists, the ones that everyone gets to experience like Science Museum Oklahoma, Deadcenter Film Festival, and Shakespeare in the Park among others... Since their founding in 1971 they have raised over $43 million for the arts in our state through a variety of campaigns, partners, and donors.

Their fundraiser event Artini is a big party with fancy martini tasting, music, and food from all our wonderful local restaurants.

A little about me and Alice in Wonderland-- I spent a good portion of my teens and my 20s down a proverbial rabbit hole of my own. Lewis Carroll was a focus of plenty of college lit classes, painting studies, and I even had the opportunity to create a mural for the Oklahoma History Center honoring the work of Mary Blair for their Oklahoma at the Movies exhibit which ran 2012-2014, inspired by her concept art for Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
Me with the Mary Blair Wonderland mural, at the time still in progress,
photo credit: Oklahoma History Center

For this year's Artini I have contributed an acrylic painting from last year, Local Flavors of Wonderland, based on a painting that was lost in 2010 I had always wanted to repaint. I am hoping Allied Arts raises lots of money for our arts programming!

Here is the painting; it is also framed in a black wooden frame making it approximating 28" wide.

Local Flavors of Wonderland
by Amanda Shelton
2013 \ acrylic on stretched canvas \

You can find more info and get tickets for the event at or see the full list of participating artists here. 

Can't make it to Artini but still interested in this artwork? You can find prints, phone cases, and even all-over print tshirts of it HERE.

Friday, February 13, 2015

New Shirts, Pillows released with my art on them...

Over at Nuvango there have been some new shirt styles and throw pillows released with some of my artwork on them. Now available are all-over-print tshirts and pillows in multiple sizes that can be ordered with or without the inner pillow insert.

"Lost Level" throw pillow 

Peacock all-over printed shirt

Visit my portfolio over at Nuvango for more selections like these.

Also if you are in the OKC area I will be at the Pancakes and Booze art show next week February 20th with a few of my paintings for sale, along with over 50 other local artists! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Upcoming in February

Happy Belated Groundhog Day!

I have no idea what random weather we will get based on animal predictions. I heard there was some football game this weekend too, and some lady in a shark costume. Anyway... here's what's up with my art in February...

February 20th I will be back at the Oklahoma City Farmer's Public Market for the
Pancakes and Booze Underground Art Show - this is it's 2nd year in OKC and my third year to do the show!  Last year was a blast; live music, body painting, and of course, pancakes and booze! This is an event with free all-u-can-eat pancakes after you pay the door, so pancake early and pancake often.
Last year I did some live painting and in 2012 I did the Dallas show... more fun times to be had this year back in OKC!!

For photos of previous Pancakes and Booze art shows check out here (OKC) and here (Dallas)

To see artwork before the show be sure to follow @sheltonamandachristine on Instagram...
you can also contact me anytime via my website or the email in the sidebar of this blog.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New painting/first painting of 2015- "Hyacinthus"

The first painting for 2015 I have painted for Brass Bell's 4th Anniversary Show coming up January 3rd and 4th, this weekend here in Oklahoma City.

by Amanda Shelton
acrylic and gold leaf on approx 12" tall bell-shaped panel

Hyacinth in Greek mythology was a lover of Apollo and opponent of Zephyr, the West Wind... he was also beautiful and that was a cause for contention between them, and according to literary myth, Zephyr killed Hyacinth. But, Apollo made the hyacinth flowers from his spilled blood in the legend.

Hyancinthiodes are the bluebell genus, and for my interpretation of the bell theme I have incorporated floral and mythological elements into the piece.

For more information on the show - link to Facebook event for the show 

For more artwork- 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 A-Go-Go.

It's been a pretty great year. I feel like dancing. oh yeah.

I am really grateful for everything... family and friends who have supported me, the opportunities and those behind them who have given me a chance, and the new people I have met along the way and the lessons I have learned (or relearned in hopes they will finally stick!) A lot of things happened on the home front that, well, let's just say this time around 2012 or 2011 I was moaning and groaning "I will never be able to do that"... "that will never happen"...and I am not exactly talking about art-related successes or achievements... just the little things that seemed so out of reach... stuff that may not matter to anyone else but when you are feeling really emotionally vulnerable, it feels like a gi-normous white whale laughing at your ego. Anyway... back to a more forward focus!

Next year I have art shows! yay!!  I put them over in the side panel and I am going to mention them in this post too... yeah.

Coming up THIS WEEK... as in THIS Saturday and Sunday... Brass Bell Studios on Villa and 33rd is having it's 4th Anniversary group show! They have done bicycle themed art in the past and this year the theme is BELLS! There are actual painted bells and panel cutout bell shapes that have been given to artists to customize and more - come out and check out the many many bells for ringing in the New Year!

In February Pancakes and Booze will be back at the Farmer's Market and I have a spot reserved to show with them again. Lots of artist do live painting at this show and you can (of course) get all-you-can-eat pancakes.

In May I have a solo show with Brass Bell as their First Sunday featured artist- I am making all new work for this show!!

In June I will have work on display at Picasso's Cafe in the Paseo Arts District.

In August I am booked to have works in Norman's 2nd Friday Art Walk at D.M. Wealth Management in Downtown Norman, OK.

Stay tuned to the blog for more posts throughout the year, and you can follow my social media pages (listed on the sidebar) for more images of works in progress and updates! Thanks again everyone -looking forward to a great year!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nutcracker Paintings

We collect nutcrackers.
This started accidentally, as when I met my husband they were something he and his brother received as Christmas gifts every year. My husband does not have his entire collection in the house and from where I sit, I count 15 on display.

So I made some nutcracker paintings. These are based on nutcrackers we have in our collection. one of them is in the photo below where the paintings are sitting in front of a few of them.

Nutcracker #1/nutcracker king
by Amanda Shelton
8x10 acrylic on canvas | 2014

Nutcracker #1/nutcracker soldier
by Amanda Shelton
8x10 acrylic on canvas | 2014

some of our real nutcrackers inspired these paintings. 

The colors in these are as such they would work in year round settings, like nurseries or kids' rooms, or wherever you want to bring in this tradition. To inquire on these paintings please use the contact form on my website or send an email. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Art Shows and Events

It's 2 weeks into November.... and I have yet to post my November events- so HERE THEY ARE!!

I have work at the Mabee-Gerror Museum of Art (in Shawnee, OK) in their 2014 Regional Exhibit- "From Authors to Artists" which runs until the end of the month. This event supports literacy in the region and they are waiving admission for anyone bringing in a book donation. My mixed media art piece includes pages from Robert Heinlein's work.

Also tonight (11/13/2014)- you can play X Marks the Art again in OKC to win a huge stash of art made by local Oklahoma artisans--- if you are seeing this post and it is still Thursday the 13th...
GO NOW! and check them out on Facebook and Twitter to get in on the fun and free art! This is a double-prize of art and extra big this time because there are extra treats rolled over from the Halloween art treasure hunt-- bonus!!

So ...Where did the time go?

Mostly I have been hiding in my studio working on sketches and preliminary stages art for 2015 shows.  (spoiler alert- there are shifts, changes, and I am trying to push myself a lot-- is there such a thing as happy frustration?) Also I am trying to finish out as much as I can in my online shops for holiday buyers needing last-minute gifts. I am so very grateful for my international sales over the summer to Canada and the UK!! you folks have made my year and helped me learn so much about international selling and shipping- thank you for your business and patronage!!

Here's another thing about November...

It's Epilepsy Awareness Month. 
One of the many things people find out about me sooner or later is I am epileptic.
The full-blown "floppin' around on the ground" (as Royal Tenenbaum would say) sort of seizures.
*These are called tonic-clonic seizures now-a-days.  Sometimes I also get auras and absence seizures but not as often (and people just think I am not paying attention or staring off into space... it is sort of awkward in some situations).

by Amanda Shelton
Oil on canvas | 2013-2014
Why is this a thing that matters to me?

-Because I have lost jobs over it without ever having a seizure at work.
(mine are well controlled with medication, but sometimes I still have them)
-Because I have had to take medication that used to cost me $500 a month before the ACA passed, not even going to get into the fact I live in a state that wants to repeal it and has rejected funding to help further healthcare efforts (crap I did go there...I even use regular insurance, just thankfully it does not cost $2K a month because of my "pre-existing condition")
-Because a large population around me still believes that, if I have a seizure, I might be possessed by a demon (wtf?), just having a "fit" because I have a drug problem (false), diabetes (false), or thinks they need to shove a germ-covered object in my mouth to keep me from swallowing my tongue (impossible for this to actually happen).
-Because there is a stigma around people with seizures- see above where people are believed to be possessed by demons. There are connections between epilepsy and emotional disorders usually connected to simply coping. (Making art is wonderful therapy for this.)

So I am pretty sure awareness is needed.

When I made *myself* more aware of my condition, I learned about heroes who saved people during their seizures. I learned about Wesley Autrey, a man who jumped on subway tracks in New York when someone started having a seizure and fell off the platform. The train was coming and he was able to lay flat between the rails and the train as it passed over them.This is a TRUE STORY. 

 I guess my point is...I am not stating that awareness is just for everyone else.
In a way, when I type or say out loud something I learn, it helps me to learn too... how can I be better at what I am doing? How can I improve and be the best version of myself? I don't want my seizures to be a crutch... I want to be able to have a calmness for when they are not around. and that makes me feel like there will be less of them anyway... (sorry for rambling... but yeah... it's a blog and we are honest over here!)

I have made art about epilepsy and my issues with it a few times. I will post a few pieces in the next few days. The elements in them vary as they are created at various points within my timeline.
Awareness months typically are assigned colors also; I learned epilepsy has purple, so I painted a forest with a pathway of steps in purples last month, it is available in my Etsy shop.

Forest Pathway
by Amanda Shelton
8x10 acrylic on canvas | 2014
available HERE

For more information on how to treat someone having a seizure, 

For more information on my works for sale or contacting me about work, check out