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Up Next in March: Artini in Wonderland!

Fairy tales and stories from my childhood, particularly Alice in Wonderland, have been a major influencer of my work. So of course when I learned the theme of this years Allied Arts OKC "Artini" event was Artini in Wonderland I was hoping I would be able to contribute a piece to the art auction!

A little info about Allied Arts-- they are an organization that helps fund art groups in Oklahoma, and not just the ones like OVAC which help us visual artists, the ones that everyone gets to experience like Science Museum Oklahoma, Deadcenter Film Festival, and Shakespeare in the Park among others... Since their founding in 1971 they have raised over $43 million for the arts in our state through a variety of campaigns, partners, and donors.

Their fundraiser event Artini is a big party with fancy martini tasting, music, and food from all our wonderful local restaurants.

A little about me and Alice in Wonderland-- I spent a good portion of my teens and my 20s down a proverbial rabbit …