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Spring Abstracts

One of the things that always gives me pleasure in spring is a big burst of color- usually it's the flowers or the weather or the upcoming festivals... but it has seemed like our little studio has been sort of cold because it does not face the sun most of the day (whine!) even though there is decent natural light...

so... wanting to get that color... all my plants are green right now. even the poinsettia is just green.
time to paint some abstracts.

me and abstract art--- I don't do it very often, but that is what I used to do when I started selling my work in Oklahoma City. I called it surreal; but that's not exactly what it was it was more abstracted figures in an ethereal narrative from my head and influencers. Someone told me once "style is something that is formed in retrospect" and I can definitely say I can speak of my older work so much more easily than my new paintings!

But I guess I should actually show you some new abstracts. I painted three that are go…

Upcoming Events- February and March

Happy post-Valentine's day!
We had too much chocolate and Indian food, now back to work... :)

Starting this week a selection of my paintings and mixed media art works will be hosted at the Pollard Theater in historic Guthrie, Oklahoma. They will adorn the lobby of the building during the theater's production of The Miracle Worker opening February 21 running through March 15. They also offer ticket specials and behind-the-scenes videos via their Facebook page.

I am also pleased to have a piece in this show at the Melton Gallery on the UCO campus, paying tribute to art in anime, comics, and video games. This is a juried group show featuring artwork of both student and professional artists. I will be showing Spore Ceremony, a piece I blogged in an earlier post, but you really have to see in person to enjoy the dimensional/sculpted qualities as the photos are all of details and snippets of it... It is a very new type of work for me to create and exhibit keeping within the natural …

Latest Commission, Day of the Dead-style Portrait

I recently completed a small portrait commission where the subject was to be painted in the style of a Dia de los Muertos Catrina...

My subject, Sidney, has amazing long hair and a sweet smile... here are some process shots of the painting...

and final...

To view more commissions, visit my Facebook page
To inquire about the commission process, send an email.

Born from mycological inspiration...

I've been working on a new mixed media piece that draws inspiration from several sources- but centrally fungi and spores. If you have any question as to whether I like mushrooms, just catch me in a few months when I have gone morel crazy, or in the summer when I am trying to grow oysters from coffee grounds in a burlap sack or a cardboard box in the kitchen... >_>

This is something new I've been working on a little bit. I ended up putting a lot of frustration about other things into it. in fact it used to be something else, then something else... yay frustrating stuff. I actually don't mind if it becomes one of the oddities that stays with me forever, but I am thinking of exploring other ways to utilize sculpted mediums on traditionally wall-hung painted works.

It's 12x12 acrylic and polymer clay and string and paper on wood. the sculpted pieces are just a sort of vignette around the little painted area, I took a lot of pictures but don't really have amazing…

February Art Goodness...

Happy Groundhog Day!! 
(hopefully if you are reading a syndicated version of this post you are seeing it on the right day!)
I awoke to it snowing. There will be soup made later.
After a rough month of beta-testing the old new-years-resolutions, I received word I have been featured in Catapult Art Magazine for a second time. The first time I was featured was in 2012, issue #10. This time it is issue #27 and it will be for sale here at their main website in print and digital form.  The preview link is here.
On the Catapult site they also have back issues for sale, and older ones and special issues are beginning to become discontinued. I believe you can still get issue #10 for a time.

For Valentine's Day I have made a few handmade cards that are perfect for giving and placed them in my online shop over at Etsy. They are hand drawn designs inked in black/gold/silver/copper on papers I have stained with ink washes and tea, and the inside of each card is blank so you can add a custom me…