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Completed Painting: Kids With Guns

I recently changed the name of my blog to Eating Paint.... yay!

For an explanation of this, please see the side of any paint tube where it tells you about what happens if you absorb the paint into your skin or you accidentally ingest it. Some are okay and perfectly safe. Some have blends of pigments and minerals and chemicals that are just so to a point that they might give you cancer. Anyone else really like the smell of turpentine and other solvents in their studio? (not sarcasm, I like the orange scented mineral spirits) Okay, that was maybe a bad question to ask... but I changed the name of the blog to something that is about as absurd as I feel when I try to explain my work in a post that is just long enough to actually accomplish the explanation but short enough to please web and social media gurus.

It feels like eating paint. I love to paint more than anything but I know that eventually it might hurt my brain more than the epilepsy, then I seal it up where said paint can't …

New Painting- "My Neighbor Maxx"

Yesterday I painted a mashup of two of my favorite works of art in fanart/homage form.

When I was 15 or 16 I discovered MTV's Oddities and so it went The Maxx (from Image comics) and it was maybe the second or third comic that really captivated my attention as not-your-typical superhero rag... maybe it was all the female protagonists without superpowers, the surreal settings sprinkled with Intro Psych bits, or the way the art was pushed with each issue (the characters will flex in forms from abstract to realistic often as perceptions and Jungian concepts of identities do)... anyway... when I went to college I studied Psychology too and I get a retrospective giggle at the thought that a comic book and/or MTV may have helped me make that decision. (as a dropout I also appreciate the irony I might get saying that out loud to the right persons)

Maxx and Sarah are set against the rainy background inspired by My Neighbor Totoro- the animated works of Studio Ghibli are a slightly more re…

January Art Events

Hi, bloggyverse. Here's some art happenings in January.

Sunday January 5th opens the Brass Bell Studios Anniversary group show with a bicycle theme. I made my piece inspired by vintage French bike ads so if you like bicycles and local art this is the place to be! (There will be food and music so it's probably the place to be on a Sunday anyway)

January 9th is the opening reception for a show in Tulsa called Salon de Refus├ęs at MEME Gallery. It is a show featuring art that was rejected from local juried shows in 2013, and when I dropped off my piece I had a lovely chat with one of the owners about the motivations for this show. There are a lot of amazing artists in Oklahoma and I hope this will show audiences some undiscovered work that has fallen off the radar of past jurors.

I will have a 2ft square oil painting in the show...

To stay updated on future art happenings, you can follow this blog by email - (on the sidebar), follow with Google +, or Facebook, or email me at artby…

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

Yay 2014 is here!

If you found me on New Year's Day... this is me. (just in case you want to skip this post and just view the site)

As best as I can tell, 2013 was a polarizing year.
Some people really struggled and some people had a wonderful time.

I am ready to move on with the New Year but I guess as per the usual blogging stuffs... I should review and recap last year....or.......Wasn't that supposed to be last night? or last week?
or last month?

Hmm... Okay... I will make this quick.  okay i tried and it's not as quick as I wanted.

In 2013:

I made over 50 paintings, I did some group shows and one solo show. My solo show had a morning TV segment on our local Fox television affiliate station where I was able to speak about my art. (note:   the link to the video does not work but the archived posts are here - I went back to the station's site and it looks like they only keep the vids up for so long...)
I also made some polymer clay figures and did…